Advantages of the MPTC Montessori Assistant Course

Professional career is one of the most significant choices one makes in life. However, individuals’ priorities can differ substantially from one another. Most people believe that personal contentment or happiness should be the most critical factor when choosing a career. The demand for jobs and chances for career advancement in the industry are essential elements to consider. The amount you earn is also a crucial factor in making a career choice. 

A Montessori assistant course, in this regard, has become an opportune option for many people who want to pursue a career and qualify as a Montessori assistant teacher. Offered by one of the most renowned Montessori training centers for adults, the course can help you acquire the skills and opportunities to train young minds through a unique curriculum.   

Montessori Professional Training Canada (MPTC) aims to enhance  Montessori practice and create a solid foundation for early childhood teachers’ training in an authentic manner. With its stimulating learning atmosphere and advanced Montessori curriculum, MPTC has trained hundreds of teachers to make a difference in the childcare industry in Calgary, Alberta. 

MPTC’s Montessori assistant course is one example devoted to child development through practical learning. If you’re not sure why you should enrol in this comprehensive course, here we have listed some critical advantages of the MPTC Montessori assistant course.

Advantages of the MPTC Montessori Assistance Course

Entry Level for the Child Care Industry in Alberta

The Montessori assistant course follows the basic progressive educational approaches of the Montessori Method founded on the idea that kids are naturally motivated and eager to learn. The Assistants’ Course will equip the trainee with the knowledge and abilities needed to work in an Alberta daycare or Montessori setting.

MPTC’S Assistant Course is one way to enter the childcare industry in Alberta with its progressive pedagogies, distinctive curriculum, and teaching resources. In Alberta, Canada, the average gross pay for a Montessori Assistant can be anywhere around $19 per hour or more. Not to mention, the teacher once in a job will also qualify for professional development funding to upgrade there skills.

Note that there is a massive shortage of qualified Montessori teachers. In Canada alone, there are thousands of Montessori schools, both public and private, and there are open vacancies every year due to a shortage of competent candidates.

MPTC, as a reliable Montessori training center for adults, trains you to help the children navigate a precisely designed environment that is very beneficial to all aspects of the child’s development. It teaches you how to accommodate various learning styles of children and help them progress at their own pace.

Eligibility for Professional Development Funding

This is another fantastic benefit of the Montessori assistant course from MPTC, especially if you’re looking for financial help or assistance for your career advancement. All the Montessori courses that MPTC offers are approved for Professional Development Funding.  If you meet the PD funding criteria and enrol for the Montessori assistant course, you may qualify and receive professional development funding through Alberta Child Care Grant Funding Program.

To help with the hiring, retaining, and professional development of certified educators, licensed family day home agencies, out-of-school care programs, and childcare centers can submit grant applications.

For those qualifying educators who are certified as Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Early Childhood Educators, licensed childcare programs are given assistance to help with the costs of authorized post-secondary textbooks, tuition, and approved conferences or workshops. 

Staff members who are paid workers of accredited child care programs such as Montessori assistant courses are eligible for professional development grants.

Authentic Montessori Learning and Training 

MPTC is one of a few Montessori training centers for adults that appreciate human values greatly and is consistent with fundamental beliefs. It considers the Montessori methodology as the foundation of every lesson.

To assist educators in learning how to teach children, Montessori Professional Training Canada adopts Maria Montessori’s time-tested methodology. Its Montessori assistant course integrates the fundamental theories and approaches to child development.  

The course is creatively designed to help learners explore and stimulate young learners’ creative choices using self-directed activities, collaborative play, and hands-on learning. It guarantees that students thoroughly understand the distinctive tools and materials used during the extensive work period in the classes to help children learn in a free-flowing and organic fashion.

Personalized Training for Each Trainee

MPTC focuses on individualized learning styles and ensures students get ample opportunities to improve their pedagogy skills. The Montessori assistant course embraces trainees with their individual needs. Montessori Professional Training Canada provides a creative and resourceful atmosphere to promote Montessori early childhood education through this course.

The diverse course stimulates the learning environment to empower teachers, and caregivers, with tools and materials that aid child development.

The course includes many deeply interconnected workshops. Individuals passionate about learning early childhood education methods are encouraged to study cohesively by the integrated pattern and related topics.

Holistic Development 

The Montessori assistant course of MPTC is highly qualitative and provides valuable skills you need to work as a successful teacher in any Montessori setup. This complete course in Montessori teaching is comprehensive and needs a similar level of commitment from you as a student.

The curriculum is designed in a way that demands efficient concentration to learn how you can involve learners. During the course, you create lesson plans throughout the semester taking the children’s needs into account. 

You learn how to help kids see that they can problem-solve even without direction or assistance. Additionally, you learn how to inspire the kids to develop their innate talents. Holistic development is the outcome MPTC’s assistant course focuses on achieving.

Commitment to a Produce the Best Montessori Teachers

MPTC strives to continuously improve the content and delivery of our course. Montessori educators trained from this institute are typically imaginative, kind, and patient individuals committed to bettering the lives of the children they work with. As a result, they make significant contributions to their communities.

The Montessori assistant course teaches teachers how to set up prepared Montessori classrooms through hands-on activities. The prepared Montessori classroom’s calm atmosphere fosters a sense of well-being in the children uncommon in conventional preschool settings.

The assistant training course also necessitates a certain amount of reflection and inner work. As a result, “Montessorians” typically experience exceptional levels of personal development.

The MPTC Montessori Assistant Course is also designed to offer students of this course, ideas on how to apply the Montessori pedagogy in easy simple to follow steps in the classroom.

What’s more?

Continuous Supervision

When you join the exclusive Montessori professional training course, you are continuously monitored and guided during the training period. The trainer’s dedication to assisting you is unparalleled at MPTC.

Enhancing Montessori Foundation

The Montessori assistant course emphasizes learning the foundational ideas behind the Montessori philosophy under the direction of a globally certified trainer. 

Detailed Instruction & Training

You get to follow the direction of a group that gives you solid, time-tested knowledge. You learn with the most practical materials and tools to develop skills to teach in natural settings.

What Sets MPTC’s Montessori Educationists Apart from other Teachers 

For Montessori Professional Training Canada, Montessori is the theory of lifelong learning based on Maria Montessori’s seminal research. It provides teachers with a new perspective during the most crucial time in a child’s development.

Children who are just starting in life are eager to learn new things. And when given the proper instruction, they not only pick up the information but also master it more quickly, efficiently, and with greater interest than children of similar age would. 

That is why MPTC has programs like the Montessori assistant courses to foster career development and offer teachers a creative and productive environment. MPTC emphasizes the intricate connections between all the concepts and disciplines it teaches. Learners are encouraged to learn cohesively through an integrated pattern and connected topics. 

Its provision of a creative and resourceful environment to foster career and psychological growth is one of the features that set its creative curriculum apart. Unlike the standard educational system, our extensive Montessori curriculum doesn’t break learning into arbitrary categories.

Instead, all the subjects or concepts MPTC teaches in the Montessori assistant course are deeply interconnected. It is an integrated pattern and linked concepts that promote cohesive learning in learners. 

Why Choose MPTC for Montessori Assistant Course

Montessori education at MPTC is all about helping teachers recognize the fact that each child learns in different ways. That is why it makes sure to accommodate all the learning patterns and styles. The comprehensive course offers a progressive and creative environment that allows students to explore their learning patterns and think critically. 

The knowledgeable Montessori expert trainer guides the students through an individualized learning plan, enabling them to shape their personalities. 

Summing Up

MPTC Montessori assistant course is tremendously advantageous for all individuals looking for professional development opportunity. With Montessori Professional Training, you may learn how to promote cooperative, self-paced, and pleasant learning environments in any school. It helps you explore and implement great Montessori teaching techniques while empowering you as a passionate professional.

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