Parents Benefit from Montessori Teacher Training

5 Ways Parents Benefit from Montessori Teacher Training

The Montessori method brings many benefits to children. Yet, learning the Montessori method affects everyone involved from teachers to children, and even parents. 

How can parents benefit from Montessori teacher training? Learning about the Montessori method provides a shift in perspective that makes parenting easier. Read on to discover how you can benefit from Montessori teacher training. 

How Do Parents Benefit from Montessori Teacher Training?

Montessori is more than a teaching method, it’s a philosophy and way of life. Adopting the Montessori method can change how you view your child’s behaviors, how you interact with them, and even how you approach learning yourself! These changes can result in many positive outcomes within your home. Here’s how Montessori teacher training can benefit you:

1. Better Understanding of Childhood Development

The Montessori method offers insights into childhood development that can help you understand how your child is growing and changing. According to Montessori, there are four main planes of development in childhood:

  • The First Plane 0 to 6 years old: Physical Independence

During this time, children work hard to learn to do things independently. Children must learn to walk, talk, and feed themselves. This stage is also marked by great curiosity. Children want to know about the world around them and know the names of things. 

  • The Second Plane 6 to 12 years old: Childhood, Mental Independence

As children grow older, they want to understand how things work and why things are the way they are. They also develop a sense of justice and fairness. At this stage, children also begin to socialize more. 

  • The Third Plane 12 to 18 years old: Adolescence, Social Independence

During this period, children place importance on creating a sense of identity. Children also feel a need to gain respect from their peers. 

  • The Fourth Plane 18 to 24 years old: Maturity, Spiritual and Moral Independence

Almost fully adults, during this time, young people feel a need to find their place in society. They focus on determining their skills, interests, and how they might contribute to their community. 

With this guide, you can understand your child’s outlook on life and goals. Further study will help you learn more in detail about each stage of development. Studying the first and second planes of development offers insights into the needs and behaviours of younger children. 

2. Improved Understanding of Your Child’s Behaviour

Have you ever found yourself wondering if your child is behaving a certain way just to bother you? Perhaps your toddler insists on doing something “all by myself!” Or maybe, your preschooler keeps interrupting you while you’re trying to have an important conversation. These behaviours start to make sense when you study Montessori. 

Why? Montessori encouraged teachers and adults to be curious about children’s behaviours. She once said, “Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.” To practice Montessori parenting, you must try to understand why your child does what they do. 

For example, if your toddler is struggling to carry something heavy and refuses help, think about what they may be hoping to accomplish. Montessori explains that toddlers are working to achieve full independence. They are also growing and developing their muscles. In her own words, Montessori said, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” As parents, we often interrupt, thinking we can help. However, we forget that children feel great fulfillment in completing tasks on their own. 

Yet another important need for young children is the opportunity to concentrate on meaningful work. Often, young children pester their parents because they’re bored and need stimulation. Through Montessori teacher training, you can learn to prepare an environment filled with engaging, educational activities your child will enjoy. You’ll also learn how to redirect your child when they exhibit undesirable behaviours. 

Montessori offers many lessons for parents that can help you develop a deeper understanding of your child’s needs. With greater understanding comes improved interactions. When you understand your child’s needs, it’s easier to meet them, resulting in a happier, more peaceful dynamic. 

3. Opportunity for a Closer Relationship with Your Child

Through Montessori, you can develop a closer relationship with your child. The Montessori philosophy helps caregivers become more attuned to their children’s needs, feelings, and goals. This creates the opportunity for many more shared moments. 

Additionally, Montessori focuses on recognizing each child’s gifts and encouraging them to learn at their own pace. When parents embrace this perspective, it can take away some of the pressures. Instead of pushing your child to participate in certain activities or achieve specific learning goals, you can help your child explore their interests when they’re ready to do so. 

The Montessori method also encourages caregivers to follow the child’s interests. This can help you create many memories with your child, whether you spend time reading about dinosaurs, counting insects outside, or painting together.

5 Ways Parents Benefit

4. Your Child will Gain Independence and Practical Skills 

Montessori encourages children to engage in everyday chores and tasks. In fact, Montessori noticed that children feel satisfied and confident when given the chance to help care for their space. For this reason, she created an area of her curriculum focused on teaching children practical skills. In Montessori classrooms, children learn to do up zippers, tie ribbons, use a spoon, clean, and more. These activities not only help children become independent, but they also build fine motor skills and help children develop concentration.  

So, get out the dustpan and broom, and do some chores together! Even very young children can help with simple chores such as wiping down the table, sweeping, gardening, and doing the laundry. As your child grows, you can involve them in washing dishes, washing the windows, setting the table, cooking, and more. Not only do children enjoy these activities, chores offer another opportunity for you to spend time together.  

Ultimately, helping your child achieve independence and master practical life skills will benefit you and your child. Plus, it may even help make your home a little neater. 

5. Personal Growth and Self-Reflection

Montessori believed that caring for children required spiritual preparation and development. As adults, we must recognize that caring for children is important work. We need to be prepared to interact with grace, love, and patience. Montessori teacher training can help you acquire the characteristics of a Montessori educator and grow as a person.

We never stop learning. Even seasoned parents can grow and learn. Montessori believed that when done right, early education can help children fall in love with learning. The goal is for children to grow into life long learners. As a parent, you can follow the Montessori method by embracing learning as an adult. If you are ready to start your Montessori journey, there are many ways you can do it. 

How Can Parents Complete Montessori Teacher Training?

Fortunately, there are many opportunities for parents to complete Montessori teacher training. At the Montessori Professional Training Canada, we offer a range of Montessori courses, many of which are ideal for parents. Additionally, we occasionally offer in-person workshops which give you the chance to gain a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. Plus, you can interact with other parents and educators who share your values. 

Online Montessori Teacher Training Options for Parents

If you’re a parent, you are also very busy. This makes online Montessori teacher training ideal, as you can study whenever you have time. Whether you log on while your child’s taking a nap, after bedtime, or during another window of opportunity, you can advance your knowledge whenever you’d like. 

Our Montessori Early Childhood Introductory Online Course is a great way for interested parents to wet their feet. This course covers the basics of the Montessori philosophy and also outlines practical activities you can try with your child. 

When you choose to complete Montessori teacher training with Montessori Professional Training Canada, you gain access to in-depth training from our experienced instructors. Plus, we provide a personalized touch, taking time to answer your questions and ensure you receive guidance as you study.

Montessori Teacher Training Can Benefit Your Family

Montessori teacher training for parents has the potential to transform your worldview and how you approach parenting. Are you ready to dive in and get started? 

At Montessori Professional Training Canada, we offer several online Montessori training courses as well as workshops and in-person classes at our Calgary location. Join us and bring the benefits of the Montessori method to your family! Feel free to reach out with any questions. We would love to hear from you!

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