Montessori Professional Training Canada

About MPTC


Our mission is to enhance Montessori practice.


Our goal is to provide adults with a strong and authentic foundation in Montessori.

Through diverse courses we can help:

Individuals realise their potential in Montessori Early Childhood Education.

Assist schools and day homes create and become more successful in providing stimulating learning environments.

Empower teachers, parents and caregivers with tools to aid child development.

Trainer for People from all Walks of Life

An internationally certified early childhood educator and instructor, Sherin Alibhai is known across continents, including North America, Asia, and Africa. She is passionate about teaching with a special interest in Montessori education and self-development. Sherin is devoted to empowering children and adults achieve and maintain a balanced state of inner wellbeing. Her intent for the goodness of humanity and contribution to children and adults lays the foundation for a peaceful world.