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We provide high quality education and consultancy while remaining true to the Montessori philosophy.


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Human values mean a lot to us and remain true to our core values. All teachings are based on the Montessori pedagogy.


Trainees are at the heart of our organization. Each student is special and we embrace them with their individual needs.


Highly qualitative and quantitative courses that offer remarkable value.


We strive to continuously improve the content and delivery of our courses.

Montessori Education inspires the child to love the process of learning.

Let us set you up for success!

Detailed Courses

Find your momentum and be in your element by following detailed, informational, internationally desired and comprehensive courses. Get access to credible resources and materials in line with the Montessori philosophy.

Enhancing Fundamentals of Montessori

Understand the basis of the Montessori philosophy and learn its fundamental principles with the guidance of an Internationally Certified Trainer. Explore the importance and benefits of qualitative training.

Unlimited Supervision

Become a member of the prestigious Montessori Professional Training community. All trainees receive consistent supervision and guidance throughout the training timeframe. Our commitment to supporting you is incomparable.

In-depth Teaching and Training

Follow the instruction and guidance of a team that goes the extra mile to equip you with well-grounded and established teachings. Get the best value for money with resources and materials for consistent study and revisitation.

Providing the best career coaching services has always been the idea

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Our Courses

(Approved for Professional Development Funding)

Montessori Early Childhood Introductory Online Course

This course is ideal for parents, caregivers or early childhood educators who wish to learn more about Montessori education for the 2.5 to 4.5 year old child. An introduction to the Montessori pedagogy and implementation of the method at home and in the classroom are explored.

Montessori Early Childhood Assistant Course

This course is ideal for people working in a Montessori or Early Childhood setting who want to increase their knowledge of the Montessori philosophy and methodology. Combining theory and practice, the course is offered in three formats: Fully in class, Hybrid & Online

Montessori Early Childhood Advanced Course Hybrid (Online & In-Class)

The course is designed for people who have completed the Foundation or Assistant Course. It provides more in-depth knowledge of the Montessori philosophy and methodology. It also serves as a refresher for individuals who wish to enhance their understanding and presentation skills with advanced Montessori materials.

Montessori Refresher Courses: Assistant or Advanced Hybrid (Online & In-Class)

This course is ideal for people who wish to review and improve their Montessori practice. It will empower them as they confidently integrate Montessori principles and present materials to the children.

Leadership Mindset Course

This course is for educators, supervisors, administrators and professional women. The course will provide tools to foster self – awareness, confidence in responding to situations and unlock potential for authentic interactions; key ingredients for strong leaders!
Montessori Education with Sherin Alibhai

Fostering Emotional Awareness & Mindfulness in the Early Years

This interactive course is designed to help the adult implement and practice skills and activities with children to help them recognize and understand their emotions. This is the first stage to emotional intelligence; being able to express and then manage emotions effectively. It can be implemented by anyone working with young children.

Career Path

The Assistants’ Course will give the participant confidence and the skills to work in a daycare or a Montessori environment in Alberta.
Please note, government regulations outside of Alberta may differ.


“Thankful to the whole team who walked me through the foundation course in such a professional way. I always felt comfortable approaching the staff regarding anything and they were always there to help out.”
“I would like to thank you for each step of the course. I learned not only to act professionally but also for my personal life as a mother, as a human being who believes that we are unique and deserve to be respectful of our individuality, without judgment.”
“I’m so happy I took this course! Now I know how to use the materials. I like the grace and courtesy and apply them with the children I teach. I learned to support the needs of the children. The instructors are well-prepared and approachable.”
“I learned a lot from you not only about Montessori but about life’s lessons too…Thank you for the motivation and encouragement”
“I have gained immense confidence through this course. Ms. Sherin has not only trained us with the Montessori materials and methodology, but she truly changed my perspective towards my work and life. I would say it has impacted me positively, and tremendously”
“As a parent and adult learner, I learned a lot from this foundation level course. It was a great experience for me. Ms. Sherin was very helpful and kind. I really want to appreciate her efforts for providing me the best knowledge of Montessori. In the beginning, I thought, the course would be really difficult for me as I don’t have any background in ECE but Ms. Sherin explained all the topics so well that I feel confident after taking this course. Now, I feel that my learning has become a part of my life. I hope to implement my ECE knowledge (especially the Montessori philosophy) as a stepping stone to my career in Early Childhood Education and at home as a parent. I also want to say thanks to the support staff who kept us updated and well informed. I would definitely recommend all the ECE learners to take this course for better understanding about authentic Montessori method”.
Sana Humayun Jamil