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Foundations in Mindfulness for Early Years

Empowering A Child’s Individuality

Would you like to create a more calm and empowered life for yourself and your children? Are you an educator that wants to help children realize their individuality? Join Santosha Mindful Living’s courses!

Santosha Mindful Living offers mindset coaching workshops that will enable you to empower a child’s mind through mindfulness. Through our techniques, you will learn to create good habits, establish a strong sense of individuality, and improve the mental and emotional health of your children or students.

This creates a strong foundation for children to grow into confident, successful adults.  Keep reading to learn more about Santosha Mindful Living and how we can help you to empower the minds of children today!

What Is Santosha Mindful Living?

In Sanskrit, the word santosha means contentment or achieving inner satisfaction. It’s the feeling that you are enough. During a child’s developmental years, feeling like you are enough is essential to develop healthy self-esteem. We offer workshops on empowering mindsets that can foster positive thinking in children.  

Santosha Mindful Living focuses on a holistic approach, offering coaching for an empowered mindset, and mindfulness techniques that can foster positive thinking and strong self-esteem that can benefit adults and children in many ways. 

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How Can Mindfulness Help Children?

Introducing mindfulness at a young age helps children focus and learn better and develop into capable individuals who can regulate their own emotions and teaches them to step away and properly analyze a situation. 

This is a talent that some adults can’t even manage, but can be learned quickly, and will help a child for their entire life. Here are some other benefits of mindfulness for children. 

Higher Self-Esteem

Mindfulness is more than just breathing exercises. It’s living in the present moment and cultivating a more positive thinking mindset. When you can teach your children to do this, this gifts them with confidence and individuality, which helps to maintain healthy self-esteem. 

Sense Of Individuality

When a child is mindful, they gain self-awareness, which helps them to find their individuality, meaning the unique talents or traits they possess. Paired with an empowered mindset child will be more confident in discovering things on their own and making their own choices. 

Patience and Focus

Mindful skills like patience and self-reflection can help a child to focus on the task at hand, as well as critical thinking and other extremely important skills that are important in a learning environment. Children that are energetic or have problems focusing can especially benefit from this.

Emotional Health

Mindfulness can help children learn to manage their emotions at a young age through positive thinking and breathing techniques to calm the mind, which is extremely important. This can help them overcome negative emotions in a much healthier way. 

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Who Should Sign Up For Santosha Mindful Living?

Anyone who wishes to empower their mind through mindfulness can sign up to Santosha Mindful Living’s mindset workshop in Calgary. But today, we’re going to focus on caregivers and educators. Whether a child is in the classroom or at home, mindfulness can help everyone that participates! 


Parents and caregivers are a child’s main role models in life. If you can give them a foundation of mindfulness and help to curate an empowered mind, this goes a long way in helping them going forward, whether it’s in school, with friends, and later on in their adult lives.

A child in their developmental years is at the perfect age to be introduced to mindfulness. When you can show your child how to slow down, be patient, and even regulate their own emotions, all while building healthy self-esteem, you’re already giving them a head start in life.  


Mindfulness is a great tool to bring into the classroom for focus and the self-awareness to discover and learn things on their own, even without instruction. This helps educators to focus on observing and guiding, instead of directing. 

The self-confidence that comes from our mindset coaching can enable you to benefit your students’ cognitive development through simple things like exploration and natural curiosity. This is because mindfulness can help a child to slow down and analyze without judgment.


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What You’ll Learn At Santosha Mindful Living

At Santosha’s mindset coaching workshop, we give you the tools to help create empowered mindsets, not only for the children in your life but yourself too. Here’s what you’ll learn during our course: 

Mindful Breathing Exercises

Stopping to take deep breaths to become present, to initiate focus, and to soothe heightened emotions. Breathing exercises can give the mind room for positive thinking and reflection, which can help children focus, stay calm, even if they are emotionally heightened.  


Learning to go inside and reflect on things will cultivate wisdom, insight, and intuition. Through self-reflection, you can help a child can destress and be able to deal with emotional situations with a logical brain. These skills minimize frustration and promote emotional wellness, not only in children but for you, too.  

Empowered Mindset Coaching

With the right mindset, anything is possible. Our weekly calls give you extra help in creating mindful habits and creating an empowered mindset that is flowing with confidence and individuality. When shown to children, this gives them the tools to discover and grow more holistically. 

Guided Visualizations 

Visualization is an underrated skill set, especially when you’re trying to create an empowered mindset. Imagination is our brain’s way to show us what our lives could be like, given the right choices and measures. Through guided visualizations, you can gain insight into what you truly desire and create that life through goals. 

Want To Help Empower A Child’s Mind? Join Santosha Mindful Living!

At Montessori Professional Training Canada, we pride ourselves on educating both adults and children using holistic methods including Montessori education and mindset coaching workshops. We also offer training in Montessori educators so that you can help make a difference in a child’s life. 

The beauty of mindfulness is that there is no age limit to discover what it can do. If you would like to empower minds or to introduce yourself or your children to mindfulness, there’s no better time than now to start! Contact us today to learn more about Santosha Mindful Living’s Empowered Mindset workshop.